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Three ways the Digital Identity Legislation can improve the identity status quo

When I recently applied for a new credit card, the issuing bank sent me a letter to verify my identity first. The options were to either visit one of their branches to show my ID, mail in a copy of my ID, or provide a recent utility statement. Not wanting to take time out of my day to visit a…

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Key Considerations for Organizational Privacy 

As summer turns to fall, our world is settling into the rhythms of life under COVID-19, preparing for another season of sweatpants, existential dread, and peanut butter cups for lunch. The drumbeat of COVID life also involves skyrocketing rates of digital interaction, with all the privacy implications that go along with it. As an enterprise information security professional, you can’t…

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Ten Things We Love About the Updated Federal Identity Guidance 

On May 21, 2019, OMB issued a new cybersecurity memorandum, M-19-17 – Enabling Mission Delivery through Improved Identity, Credential, and Access Management, setting forth a modernized policy for the federal government’s approach to Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM). This long-awaited memo represents a major overhaul of federal identity policy and strategically points agencies to the risk-based approach detailed in…

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