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Presentation Attacks: From Mission Impossible To The New Normal

It’s a staple of the Mission Impossible franchise – Tom Cruise and his crew use advanced latex 3D face masks to impersonate someone else and enter a building, vault, or other restricted areas. This used to appear so futuristic and truly only the stuff of Hollywood movies.  Tom and his crew were giving us all a glimpse at what an impersonation attack…

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Stimulus Bill: How An Investment Of $300M In Digital Identity Could Help Americans

The ability of individuals to recognize and trust each other plays a fundamental role in our economic and social interactions. Prior to the digital age, identification systems relied on physical documents and face-to-face interactions, a system that came with a high level of assurance. However, the proliferation of internet-enabled devices has made it substantially easier for malicious actors to disguise,…

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Three ways the Digital Identity Legislation can improve the identity status quo

When I recently applied for a new credit card, the issuing bank sent me a letter to verify my identity first. The options were to either visit one of their branches to show my ID, mail in a copy of my ID, or provide a recent utility statement. Not wanting to take time out of my day to visit a…

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