Articles by Pranav Kothare

Pranav Kothare is the CIO at Easy Dynamics. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University and appreciates all forms of science and technology. In his free time, he enjoys keeping up to date on the latest topics in astrophysics, engineering, and motorsports. He is currently working on internal IT infrastructure modernization initiatives.

Say Goodbye to Passwords: Our Journey to Passwordless

Historically passwords have been the go-to method to secure information systems. However, as time has passed, they’ve become harder to memorize, create a lot of pain for IT to maintain, and are a significant source of daily frustration for billions of people. Remember this: Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack: Hackers Used Compromised Password, or even CVS Health Faces Data Breach, 1B Search…

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Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016

A Simple Question One of the most frequent questions that comes up in the realm of enterprise applications is: Who has touched/modified this data? Short questions usually have long answers, and this one is no exception. To understand the implications of this question, one has to understand the principle of temporal versioning. This essentially means that time is treated as a…

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