Articles by Maria Vachino

Maria Vachino is the Director of Digital Identity at Easy Dynamics where she is focused on IT Modernization for Federal agencies. Prior to joining Easy Dynamics, Maria was the Technical and Government Engagement lead for the DHS S&T Cybersecurity Division’s Identity Management Research Program while at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Maria has a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Cybersecurity.

Do You Really Need A Blockchain?

Blockchain is (still!) all the rage at identity and cybersecurity conferences. Blockchain sounds new and exciting, looks slick on marketing materials, screams “innovation!,” powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and has been billed as a cure-all for a variety of use cases. The US Federal Government faces so many technical challenges that it’s no wonder there’s interest in a magical cure! I…

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10 Things We Love About The NIST Privacy Framework

As cybersecurity and identity professionals, you might think we nerd out all day long talking about authentication, identity proofing, and federation – and you’d be mostly right. We are passionate about cybersecurity and identity but, for the record, we’ve been longtime privacy superfans. Frankly, we think good privacy enables good identity, not the other way around. Given NIST’s recent release…

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