Articles by Majed Ayoub

Supporting Multiple Environments in a single TeamCity Build Config

Having multiple build configs can clutter up the TeamCity dashboard and make maintenance bothersome. The use of inheritance and build templates can help with maintenance, but that doesn’t solve the issue of having a build config for each environment (DEV, TEST, PROD, etc). Using TeamCity service messages and the TeamCity REST API can help solve this problem and keep all…

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Securing an ASP.NET Core App on Ubuntu Using Nginx and Docker (Part I)

Typically, when you develop with ASP.NET you have the luxury of IIS Express taking care of SSL and hosting, however IIS and IIS Express are exclusive to the Windows platform. ASP.NET Core 1.0 has decoupled the web server from the environment that hosts the application. This is great news for cross-platform developers since web servers other than IIS such as Apache and Nginx may be set…

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