Your cacheHostInfo is Null: How to Fix It

The Distributed Cache service is one that gets relatively little attention because it’s installed by default on every server in your SharePoint farm and you would probably not know if it were having a problem (unless you paid very close attention). Recently, I had some time on my hands and went looking for trouble so to speak. My SharePoint 2013 farm was serving pages and life was good, but still I decided it was time to take stock of what was running where and if I could make some improvements. Among other things, I noticed my Distributed Cache service was only running on one of my 11 SharePoint servers in the farm. A closer inspection of the Event Viewer on servers not running Distributed Cache revealed a relatively common problem: cacheHostInfo is Null.

I say this is a common problem because it seems like a well-covered topic on the Internet, but I never came across a single page that ran this issue to group. I found many helpful hints, but decided this topic needed an end-to-end solution. Today, I cover how I approached the problem and the solution I found. 

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How Marketers Use Agile to Create Effective Content

As a first-time conference goer, September 7-11, 2015 was a whirlwind! I met marketing professionals ranging from Australia, Florida, Montana, and even my native Washington, DC. I attended spotlight sessions from famous authors (cheers to you Jon Ronson) and even cracked up at a stand-up session by the ultra-hot comedian from Trainwreck (that’s right, be jealous – Amy Schumer).

Easy Dynamics Consultant Lauren Strayhorn listens to Jon Ronson's spotlight speech at Inbound 2015 Easy Dynamics Consultant Lauren Strayhorn listens to Amy Schumer's stand-up show at Inbound 2015

So what conference did I attend, you ask? Well, Hubspot’s annual Inbound in Boston, MA, of course! So as you can guess, and probably correctly, all thousands (yeah… 14,000 of us)  who attended are writing blog posts about their experience and what they learned. While that’s great, I want to be unique and write about how I can take my newfound Inbound knowledge and apply it to something from the fantastic software developers I work with here at Easy Dynamics… and that’s Agile

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