Creating a Simple Workflow in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint document and list item workflows are an excellent way to automate repeatable business processes with SharePoint 2013. Workflows allow users to create a model of how a business process should be carried out, and then to automate and audit that business process. There are several different ways to create SharePoint Workflow. The easiest way to create workflows on a document or list item is the out of the box one;if your business process is too complex for these then you can create complex workflows in SharePoint designer or Visual Studio.

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How to Create Cross Site Collection Global Navigation in SharePoint 2013

Consistency always plays a vital role to managing sites and subsites in SharePoint. One of the best improvements in SharePoint 2013 was the expanded managed metadata servcie. Now the best practice to managing cross site collection navigation is to use the Managed Term Store as your global navigation tool. Global navigation brings ease to SharePoint Administrators and Users. Instead of changing the tool bar or in every single page it’s better to change it in one page and automatically it will change in all of them.

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How to Create an Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013

With the tremendous increase in knowledge sharing and management in the businesses world, the need for central information repositories and real time communication can be a confusing landscape. SharePoint has proved itself to be one of the best collaboration platform and is probably already in your IT environment. If you have access to SharePoint, I think the Enterprise Wiki is the quickest way to share information and resources without a high cost of overhead or central management. Many people uses wiki pages to upload and share links to their formal documents and files; others use wiki pages to fill out tactical work knowledge and update office FAQs without a central authority. Continue reading “How to Create an Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013”